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Why Get Trained ? - True Story

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WHY GET TRAINED ???????????????????       

From the founder of Medtech SCUBA :

“BE PREPARED” is the BOY SCOUT MOTTO, and something Medtech SCUBA strongly believes in.  Whether it be your fun diving adventures or just giving someone a helping hand, training is the key to success.  Over the years I (George ) have been a part of many situations when my training has paid off.  From car accidents, choking, heart attacks, dislocations and broken bones, to even just simple bee stings and splinters, I take my training seriously.  From the early training in  BOY SCOUTS, mountain rescue courses and the most recent certification as an ASHI TRAINING CENTER, I enjoy training others to make the “moments” count when it really matters.

I would like to share my training with you and hopefully enable you to make a difference when it counts.


I would like to share an excerpt from a recent letter from my father…. A story that touches home…………



"Just received a call from John telling us a friend, Harry died today. He was playing golf with his wife and John.  Harry fell over and was unresponsive.  John tried to gave him mouth to mouth and a course worker came over with a defibrillator.  He opened it up and gave it to John saying "Here , I don't know how to use it."




Take the time to learn .........   MOMENTS MATTER